[Wrf-users] difference of landsea and landmask field

Liu, Peng pliu34 at gatech.edu
Mon Apr 11 14:58:18 MDT 2011

Dear wrf users,
  I am confused about the field of landmask in the output file of geog.exe and the landsea field in the output file of metgrid.exe. As far as my understanding, the landmask field comes from static landuse data and the landsea field comes from the meteorological data
( namely the input of WRF). In my case, my input data has the land sea flag of its own, so it is written into intermediate file and further written into metgrid.exe output file. So the metgrid.exe output has both the field of landsea and landmask.
I wonder what if the landmask and landsea field are not the same? I mean when WPS interpolates the meteorological data horizontally, which field is used to control whether or not certain grid is water or land? landmask or landsea?
And when running wrf.exe, which field is to control the land and sea? 

Thank you very much


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