[Wrf-users] limiting WRF output

Huy Tran tnquanghuy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 12:12:38 MDT 2011

Hi David,

Modifying the Registry file is right path. You can read more on WRF 
Registry from here: 

For each parameter there is I/O description, such as "i01rhusdf". Here 
the "h" indicates how that parameter will be written out in WRF history 
output file. The "h" maybe followed by integer numbers, for example 
"h01" which indicate that the parameter will be written both in 
principle output and in the first auxiliary files. So if you eliminate 
the "h" and any number follow it, that parameter will not be written out.

If you just want to limit to a very few number of parameters to be 
written out, the best way to do is make those parameters be written out 
in a auxiliary file (e.g auxiliary 1). Then in the namelist.input set 
the auxhist1_interval to the desired frequency, and change the 
history_interval to much larger value to make WRF write the principle 
outputs less frequently. Doing this way will only require modifications 
to the concerned parameters and not have to pay attention to tons of 
other parameters in the Registry.

As far as I know there is no way to limit the output file to a subset of 
gridpoints of a domain.

Help this can help.


On 3/23/2011 10:02 AM, David Bryan wrote:
> I want to limit the output of WRF 3.2 ARW to just a few parameters--wind speed
> and temperature--while keeping the rest of its operation as a default
> installation.  After reading the User's Guide, I thought that perhaps changing
> the Registry file was the way to address that.  However, after looking at the
> Registry files, all the parameters seemed to affect the internal operation of
> the model; I didn't find a part that was solely concerned with output.
> Should I be focusing on the namelist.output instead?
> Also, is there a way to limit the output file to a subset of gridpoints within a
> given domain?
> Thanks!
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