[Wrf-users] failure to get *.exe files

Dmitry N. Mikushin maemarcus at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 12:59:57 MST 2010

In compile.out there are unresolved symbols, that are likely preventing
build script from creating executable:

libwrflib.a(solve_interface.o): In function `solve_interface_':
/home/khaled/WRFV3/share/./solve_interface.f90:74: undefined reference to
libwrflib.a(start_domain.o): In function `start_domain_':
/home/khaled/WRFV3/share/./start_domain.f90:577: undefined reference to
libwrflib.a(init_modules.o): In function `init_modules_':
/home/khaled/WRFV3/share/./init_modules.f90:34: undefined reference to

2010/12/29 Khaled Ganbour <kganbour at yahoo.com>

> Dear all:
> It's the first time to run WRF model.and I have tried to compile WRF since
> about two weeks and I have some problems .
> I used bash shell and I installed pgf90,netcdf4.0,and mpi.
> when I have compiled WRFV3.2 I did't have wrf.exe&real.exe files in main
> directoryi had only *.o files,
> I compiled many times such:
> ./compile wrf
> the log file of this compilation in compile.out file which attached with
> this email.
> ./compile nmm_real
> and the log file of this compilation in compile_nmmreal file
> ./compile em_squall2d_x
> and the same problem It's never exist *.exe files for all compilations.
> also I attached list of output files after compilation in files.txt file.
> While when I compiled WPS ,I had *.exe files as geogrid.exe file.
> Please check my attached files and tell me how to solve my problem.
> best regards
> Khaled
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