[Wrf-users] WRFDA 3DVAR

keren rosado krosado2008 at my.fit.edu
Tue Dec 28 15:23:10 MST 2010



After running the WRFDA all  output files were created, except wrfvar_output
, and the following crated files are
empty:  filtered_obs, rej_obs_conv_01.000,  qcstat_conv_01, cost_fn,
 grad_fn,  gts_omb_oma_01, statistics,  jo.

I am trying to figure out why are those files empty if all the files that
I apply to run the model are not empty (e.g.
obs_gts_2006-09_09_12:00:00.3DVAR, be.dat). I verified the content on each
file and all looks to be okey and the  rsl.error.0000 file don't show any

Anybody know how to fix this problem?

Happy New Year!



Keren Rosado
M.S. Student - Meteorology
Florida Institute of Technology
Department of Marine and Environmental Systems
150 W. University Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901
krosado2008 at my.fit.edu
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