[Wrf-users] occasional WPP crash

Hein Zelle hein.zelle at bmtargoss.com
Wed Dec 22 01:53:37 MST 2010

Dear WRF users, WRF Help,

Recently I've experienced a few crashes of WPP (V3.1).  Once during
the processing of the geopotential field (height of level) near the
surface (1000 mbar), this time it's the temperature field.  The
program crashes in the grib encoding routines.

forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source             
wrfpost.exe        00000000012F6206  sbytesc_                   98  gbytes_char.f
wrfpost.exe        00000000012F67DC  w3fi58_                   104  w3fi58.f
wrfpost.exe        00000000012F2436  w3fi75_                   409  w3fi75.f
wrfpost.exe        00000000012EF510  w3fi72_                   332  w3fi72.f
wrfpost.exe        00000000004B237C  gribit_                   611  GRIBIT.f
wrfpost.exe        00000000004EF0EA  mdl2p_                    707  MDL2P.f
wrfpost.exe        0000000000516B18  process_                   84  PROCESS.f
wrfpost.exe        000000000054B1F2  MAIN__                    452  WRFPOST.f
wrfpost.exe        000000000047641C  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libc.so.6          00002AAAAC3B5994  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
wrfpost.exe        0000000000476319  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

I've seen this happen twice now, it's reproducible once it occurs.
I've tried debugging in the MDL2P routine, but I don't see anything
unreasonable in there.

Has anyone seen this happen before, any ideas what might be wrong /
how to fix it?

Kind regards,
     Hein Zelle


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