[Wrf-users] error removing snow data using read_wrf_nc.f

Feng Liu FLiu at azmag.gov
Tue Oct 5 18:03:39 MDT 2010

Try to use serial mode to run the model with your modification. it does work in your way in parallel version of WRF because domain decomposition is number of processor-dependent .

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I have been trying to remove snow cover from NAM-218 input data for a high resolution run. The section of code I am using is shown below. At first I had a number of these loops in the code and I had the same result - it changes the value of SNOW to 0 for the entire domain. I don't understand how this could be happening since I am specifying it to change only in I,J region. Can someone shed light on this problem? Thanks in advance.

if (var == 'SNOW') then
  do I  = 84, 98
  do J = 212, 219
 data_real = data_real*0.

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