[Wrf-users] error removing snow data using read_wrf_nc.f

Andre Pattantyus apattantyus2008 at my.fit.edu
Tue Oct 5 11:11:53 MDT 2010


I have been trying to remove snow cover from NAM-218 input data for a high
resolution run. The section of code I am using is shown below. At first I
had a number of these loops in the code and I had the same result - it
changes the value of SNOW to 0 for the entire domain. I don't understand how
this could be happening since I am specifying it to change only in I,J
region. Can someone shed light on this problem? Thanks in advance.

if (var == 'SNOW') then
  do I  = 84, 98
  do J = 212, 219
 data_real = data_real*0.

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