[Wrf-users] WRF-NMM land Sea mask in nested domains

Dr. Sebastian Wahl wahl at wetterwelt.de
Wed Sep 29 09:29:55 MDT 2010

  Hello list,

I'm trying to use high a high resolution land sea mask on the nested 
grids. Apparently this is not possible with WRF-NMM (it works with 
WRF-ARW, but I like to use WRF-NMM for various reasons) as the land sea 
mask gets interpolated from the coarsest grid onto the nested grids. In 
the WRF-NMM Users guide I found the following paragraph:

"When a nest is initialized, its topography is obtained from the static 
file created for that nest level by the WPS (see Chapter 3). Topography 
is the only field used from the static file. All other information for 
the nest is obtained from the lower-resolution parent domain. Land 
variables, such as land-sea mask, SST, soil temperature and moisture are 
obtained through a nearest-neighbor approach."

Is there a way to use the high resolution land sea mask from the geogrid 
files in the nests instead of interpolating from the coarsest grid? I 
can't imagine that there is no option to read a high resolution landmask 
for the nested grids.
Any help is appreciated.


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