[Wrf-users] aerosols in radiation of WRF

Liu, Peng pliu34 at gatech.edu
Tue Aug 10 10:17:44 MDT 2010

Now, I am involved in downscaling
GCM with WRF. Because the episode I am interested is from 2049-2051, when the aerosol field
may have changed a lot, so I want to use new aerosol field from GCM to calculate the radiation in WRF.
However, I have a few questions about radiation schemes in WRF.

First, I checked different schemes in WRF, for both long and short waves. It seems that only CAM scheme
can interact with aerosol. I wonder for other schemes, whether effect of aerosols is not included at all, or
WRF use certain default values to calculate the radiation effect w.r.t aerosols?

Second, because I want to use new aerosol field, which file or source code I need to make the modifications so that WRF can use
the new data? Is there any specific table WRF will use when radiation of aerosols is calculated?

Thank you very much

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