[Wrf-users] Problems with sfcp_top_sfcp parameter

Marcos Tesouro Montecelo marcos.tesouro at meteogalicia.es
Fri Jul 23 06:41:37 MDT 2010

Hi wrf-users,

I am testing the WRF ARW version 3.2. I am also comparing the results 
with versions 3.0 and 3.1.1 of the WRF with the same configuration 
between the 3 versions in order to check the differences between the 
meteorological models, specially the version 3.0 versus 3.2

I am having trouble when I use the variable *sfcp_top_sfcp *with the 
WRFv3.2.* *Although this variable is listed in the User's Guide April 
2010 (pag. 5-41) when I specify it in the namelist.input (true or false) 
I have an error in the real.exe

Without this parameter in the WRF namelist works perfectly.

The attachments archives are the namelist.input I am using and the error 

Thank you in advance

Best regards, Marcos

     Dr. Marcos Tesouro Montecelo
     Dpto. Predición Numérica e Investigación
  	Rúa Roma, 6
15.707 Santiago de Compostela
	Tel: +34 981 957 462
Fax: +34 981 957 466
marcos.tesouro at meteogalicia.es <mailto:marcos.tesouro at meteogalicia.es>
www.meteogalicia.es <http://www.meteogalicia.es/>

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