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Dear Dr Feng Liu,

According to the WRFDA manual, the obs radar and obs ascii are the main input files for WRFDA. But I do not know how to convert the radar data and gauge data to WRFDA format (obs radar and obs ascii respectively). Any thought on how to fix this problem? 

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Dear All, 
I have used the WRFDA with the online tutorial. However, now i have tried to make use the nimrod radar data as a input to WRFDA. The problem is how to convert this nimrod data to obs.radar and obs.ascii files. I noticed that these two files are the inputs to WRFDA. Am I right? The second question is how to get the data of reflectivity, beam height and so on.....Do you have any ideas on these issue? 
With many thanks in advance.


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Hi, Aijun,
The terrain height over Pacific ocean should be zero for open sea or
positive for some islands. Some settings in your model might be wrong
otherwise. However, terrain height may go negative over inland, for
example, Imperial Valley (California), it is almost entirely below sea
level-235 feet (72 metres) below at the edge of the Salton Sea, and
Turpan Valley in Xingjiang, China, is below sea level 150 meters at the
lowest area. I wonder if you check the locations of negative terrain
heights and see if they are located somewhere such as Imperial Valley.
Hope this will be helpful.

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  Is there anyone out there noticed the terrain height can go negative 
over Pacific ocean? Is this
normal or we didn't run the model correctly? Thanks in advance if you 
can share your experience
and thoughts.

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