[Wrf-users] numerical postprocessing

Feng Liu fliu at mag.maricopa.gov
Tue Jun 1 16:09:56 MDT 2010

You may use WRF Post-Processor (WPP). 
Model Evaluation Tools (MET) should meet your requirements on WRF output
analysis. The both packages can be downloaded at the same WRF download
page  (http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/download/get_sources.html). 

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 can anyone recommend me a tool for numerical analisis of WRF output
?. i already use Calwrf for CALMET-CALPUFF assimilation of WRF output
files, but im not sure if this program modifies the original output
fields. i use Grads also , but mainly for display the results. i need a
solution for numerical analisis.
 hope somebody can help me, 
     best regards ,

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