[Wrf-users] numerical postprocessing

Bart Brashers bbrashers at Environcorp.com
Tue Jun 1 16:39:33 MDT 2010

>  can anyone recommend me a tool for numerical analisis of WRF output
> ?. i already use Calwrf for CALMET-CALPUFF assimilation of WRF output
> files, but im not sure if this program modifies the original output
> fields. i use Grads also , but mainly for display the results. i need
> solution for numerical analisis.
>  hope somebody can help me,
>      best regards ,
>          gil.

CALWRF modifies only the wind fields, to "de-stagger" them: interpolate
to the gridbox centers.  However, it only writes out the fields that
CALPUFF needs, and skips many other parameters that WRF writes out.

I generally use NCO (http://nco.sourceforge.net/) or NCL
(http://ngwww.ucar.edu/ncl/) for simple stuff, but often resort to using
R (www.cran.org) with the NetCDF plug-in.  

See http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/data/gridded/tools.html for a good
list, and some examples of each.  

bbrashers at environcorp.com 

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