[Wrf-users] Query regarding multiple simultaneous depressions

Preeti preeti at csa.iisc.ernet.in
Thu May 20 09:05:52 MDT 2010


Thank you for the response.

In WRF, the vortex following cyclone-tracking feature exists only for
well-developed cyclones. I have three questions.

1. What is the criteria to track the secondary cyclones that you
mention? Do they have a moving 'eye' like in a cyclone?
2. During which part of the year do these depressions occur in the
Asian region?
3. What variables in the wrfout* files would show that there are
multiple depressions in a region?

Thanks in advance

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> Hi,
> I think it is possible that a huge depression area exists involving main
> cyclone and several secondary cyclones.
> Cheers,
> Min Zhu
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> Subject: [Wrf-users] Query regarding multiple simultaneous depressions
> Hello
> I have a question about weather phenomenon.
> Is the phenomenon of multiple depressions common in any part of the
> globe? Can multiple depressions occur within an area of, say, 50
> million sq km simultaneously?
> Thanks
> Preeti

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