[Wrf-users] add monitoring stations

claudio cortes claudiomet at gmail.com
Wed May 12 16:34:07 MDT 2010


I have several meteorological monitoring stations connected to a PC
using Loggernet.
The data are stored in csv format (station id, julian day, hour,
temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, some
stations have radiation and others precipitation)
How can I integrate this data in WRF?

I have read that WRFDA is made for this, and the data should be
LITTLE_R formatted, but what additional info I need for this (station
coordinates, station height, etc)?

Thanks !
Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Laboratorio de Meteorologia y Pronostico de la Calidad del Aire (LMPCA)
Unidad de Modelacion y Gestion de la Calidad del Aire (UMGCA)
Centro Nacional del Medio Ambiente (CENMA)

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Meteorology and Air Quality Forecast Labs
Modeling and Air Quality Management Unit
National Enviroment Center, Chile (CENMA)

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