[Wrf-users] Problem of two-way nested run WRF v3.2

Ming Chen chenming at ucar.edu
Tue Apr 20 08:33:39 MDT 2010

Feng ,

I just did a quick two-way nesting run with WRFV3.2. However, I cannot 
repeat your errors of nest-domain shifting. Can you send me your 
namelist.wps and namelist.input to take a look? Thanks.


> Hi, wrfhelp and wrfuser,
> I conducted  two-way nested run with WRF v3.2 and found the problem of
> nested domain location shift. Except of mother domain,d01, central
> coordinates for all daughter domains shift to (lat=0, lon=0) according
> to wrfout_d02, d03, and d04.  However, there is no any coordinates shift
> problem for all domains according to WPS outputs and geo_em_d0*.  Please
> see attached for detail information. Thanks for anyone who can figure
> out the problem. I have no idea what is happened to WRF3.2.
> Thanks.
> Feng
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