[Wrf-users] Idealized seabreeze simulation

#WAN FANG# WANF0001 at ntu.edu.sg
Tue Mar 16 03:57:55 MDT 2010



I'm running some idealized simulation in WRF V3.1. Some questions arise
when I'm trying to make some change to the ideal cases.


1.       In the em_seabreeze2d_x case, it simulates a diurnal
circulation. My question is there any variable that control the heat
source, say solar energy, in the initialization module. Otherwise what
is the drive to maintain the diurnal circulation.

2.       In the em_les case, the tke_heat_flux option is set to be 0.24.
So the surface heat flux supply energy to maintain the turbulence. My
question is can the heat flux be a variable dependent on time. I mean,
for example, in different time of a single day, the surface heat flux
should be different depending on the strength of sunlight.

3.       Another question is regarded to the initial input sounding used
in ideal case. I noticed that in em_b_wave case the initial sounding is
a 2D binary file instead of text file in other ideal cases.

Then what is the structure of the 2D binary file or how to write similar


Best regards,

Wan Fang

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