[Wrf-users] AMMA simulations

Robert Pasken paskenrw at slu.edu
Sun Feb 21 18:18:13 MST 2010

We have "successfully" reproduced hurricane Helene from the AMMA field
campaign using both GFS and ECMWF initializations. We have a nested 36, 12
and 4 km grid although the Helene shows up at all resolutions. Helene begins
on the 9th of Sept. as an easterly wave and we have convection that
corresponds well with Meteosat imagery. As part of our tests we tried 156
different combinations of parameterizations to find what produced the best
results. You might look at
Validation of WRF Forecasts of the Development of Hurricane Helene


for further details on the specifics. If you would like send me some email
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