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Sky Patrick patricksky852 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 08:21:39 MST 2010


After ran the wrf.exe, there produced a wrfout* files, how can i feed this
result to the next run, for example

For my forecast, it should produce the forecast for every 6 minutes later,
such as if the current time is 12:00:00, it would need to forecast the state
of atomsphere at 12:06:00. However, the gfs data i got is provided for every
6 hours. So if i am in 12:00:00 and got the gfs data at 12:00:00, and
assimilate the observation data from 12:00:00 to the gfs data at that time,
then run the wrf.exe to produce the forecast as 12:06:00, the forecast
produced from wrf.exe is named wrfout_d01_2005-03-29_12:00:00 which contents
contains the data timed as:

 Times =
  "2005-03-29_06:06:00" ;

query by using ncdump

because no gfs data provided for 2005-03-29_06:06:00, so i use the previous
forecast result wrfout_d01_2005-03-29_12:00:00 and extract the
2005-03-29_06:06:00 to the file named "met_em.d01.2005-03-29_06:06:00.nc"
using ncks command and try to run the real.exe to produce the wrfinput_d01
and wrfbdy_d01 to make a forecast for the time 2005-03-29_06:12:00, but it
didn't success and the following error message was shown:

 Domain  1: Current date being processed: 2005-03-29_06:06:00.0000, which is
loop #   1 out of    1
 configflags%julyr, %julday, %gmt:        2005          88   6.0999999
 d01 2005-03-29_06:06:00 Timing for input          0 s.
 -------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
 FATAL CALLED FROM FILE:  module_initialize_real.b  LINE:     906
 Not enough soil temperature data for Noah LSM scheme.
STOP wrf_abort

What is this error and what is the correct step to make a forecast if needed
to feedback the previous forecast result to the produce the next forecast ?
And is there have any tutorial or cases that can learn the WRF forecast
step, for feedback the previous forecast result ? Thank you for taking
patient to read this long question.

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