[Wrf-users] WRF - CALMET (Linux)

Bart Brashers bbrashers at Environcorp.com
Tue Jan 5 10:36:52 MST 2010

The publicly available version of CALWRF, which is actually version 1.1,
dated 2008-04-29 (not v3.0 as you wrote) is available at

http://www.src.com/calpuff/download/Mod6_Files/CALWRF_v1.1.zip and
includes the source code.  It's pretty trivial to compile it on Linux.
That zip even contains a makefile.  I think the only changes I made were
to comment out the "include coordlib.for" statement and add it to the


However, this version only works with WRF v2 files, and will not work
with WRF v3 files -- see the code chunk near line 1452 of calwrf.f.
Perhaps you could try emailing Joe Scire and ask if he has a version
that will work with WRF v3 files.


The EPA has also hinted that a new WRF (and MM5) to CALPUFF processing
program (a replacement for CALMET) will be coming in "early 2010".  See
http://www.epa.gov/ttn/scram/CALMET%20CLARIFICATION.pdf, 2nd page, 1st
complete paragraph, last sentence.  Perhaps you can wait?





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Dear WRF users! 
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! 

I would like to use CALMET with WRFv3.0 output to do runs with very high
spatial resolution. 
I work on SGI (Linux) and installed program to transform WRFv3.0 output
CALMET input  meteorological files (CALWRFv3.0). 

But I can't find CALMET code to download I would be able to install on
SGI (Linux) - Linux-Unix version of CALMET. 
The only one site  I found (http://www.src.com/calpuff/calpuff1.htm)
offers Windows version of CALMET. 

Please help me to find where I will be able to download CALMET code for
Any help is highly appreciable. 

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