[Wrf-users] bufr library required for WRF-Var V3.0 or not?

jagabandhu panda jagabandhu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 05:33:14 MST 2009


I am trying to install WRF-Var 3.0 using PGI+gcc compilers in a single
processor linux server. I am not able to do it completely. The da_wrfvar.exe
is not forming even though other utilities are forming! I discovered the
bufr library is linked when the da_wrfvar.f is being compiled to form
da_wrfvar.exe! Since other utilities use blas as well as lapack and they are
forming it seems the bufr is the culprit! I am thinking I may try to compile
without bufr. Is it fine to compile it without bufr library?

or please let me know how I should compile bufr library so that "undefined
reference...." kind of errors would not come.

Earlier I used to think netcdf is the culprit! However with the netcdf I
have compiled and installed WRF modeling system V3.0! So, I feel it is not
the culprit. Therefore, my thinking goes to bufr library. It is my humble
request to the users to help me in overcoming this problem as I am new to
the WRF-Var part!

New Delhi, India
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