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Hello Bakshi,

>From your namelist.input file, your domain resolutions are 45, 15, 5km. You should use cumulus convection scheme on domains 1 and 2, but not on domain 3. You have exactly the opposite, which makes no sense and will most likely lead to very poor results. Try this setting in your namelist.input:

 cu_physics                          = 3,     3,     0,

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Dear All, 

Yours help will be highly appreciated. 

I am running WRF for mumbai case using two way nesting with three domain. 

Physics options for two way nesting I kept as 

Domain 1: 
Mp_Physics = WRF single momentum 6- class scheme 
Long wave radition = Rapid radiative transfer model scheme 
Short wave radition = Dudhia Scheme 
Surface clay physics = MM5 similarity: Based on Monin-Obukhov with Carslon-Boland viscous sub-layer and standard similarity functions 
Surface physics = Noah Land Surface Model: Unified NCEP/NCAR/AFWA scheme with soil 
temperature and moisture in four layers, fractional snow cover and frozen soil physics 
PBL physics = Yonsei University scheme 
Cu_Physics = no micro physics 

Domain 2: 

with same options as Domain 1 

Domain 3 : 
same options domain 1 and 2 but cu_physics we will keep Grell-Devenyi ensemble scheme . 

WRF run is successful But I am not getting exact Mumbai heavy rainfall. I am attaching figure for Domain 1, 2 and 3 along with namelist.input file. Please go though suggest what wrong is there. 


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