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Dear Dr. Bakshi,
I am surprise that you have not used any convection schemes for
domain1 and domain2 (outer domain/mother domains).
Your experimental design of innermost domain is missing feedback from
outer where convection schemes is not used.
I have no idea at what resolutions you are running WRF but if all
of your outer domains are less than 10 km resolution it is better to
use cumulus parameterization. Similarly, if your domain3 is having high resolution (more than 10 km), you can avoid convection schemes in this domain. This procedures doesn't guarantee to produce the exact rainfall amount that occurred during Mumbai event as this depends upon
other model configuration and initial and boundary conditions you have used. Hope, this will help to get better result.

On Fri, 13 Nov 2009 08:38:33 +0530  wrote
>Dear All,Yours help will be highly appreciated.I am running WRF for mumbai case using two way nesting with three domain. Physics options for two way nesting I kept asDomain 1: Mp_Physics = WRF single momentum 6- class schemeLong wave radition = Rapid radiative transfer
 model schemeShort wave radition = Dudhia SchemeSurface
clay physics = MM5 similarity: Based on Monin-Obukhov with
Carslon-Boland viscous sub-layer and standard similarity
functionsSurface physics = Noah Land Surface Model: Unified NCEP/NCAR/AFWA scheme with soiltemperature and moisture in four layers, fractional snow cover and frozen soil physicsPBL physics = Yonsei University schemeCu_Physics = no micro physicsDomain 2:with same options as Domain 1Domain 3 : same options domain 1 and 2 but cu_physics we will keep Grell-Devenyi ensemble scheme.WRF run is successful But I am not getting exact Mumbai heavy rainfall. I am attaching figure for Domain 1, 2 and 3 along with namelist.input file.
 Please go though suggest what wrong is there.
 Thanks Bakshi****************************************
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