[Wrf-users] Verify the data assimilation

Sky Patrick patricksky852 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 00:02:28 MDT 2009


After i ran the data assimilation in WRFDA, da_wrfvar.exe. I checked the
statistic file to verify whether the assimilation is performed. So that the
observation data was corrected the first guess data.
In the sections Diagnostics of OI and AO, there have some value >0 for the
min, max and average. But for the sections of min, max, mean and RMSE of
analysis increment, all of u,v,t,p,q value is 0 in each level. Is it normal
for the assimilation result ? And what it possible cause for this result, if
there have some problem ?

Thank you very much ~

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