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Bakshi Hardeep Vaid hardeep_vaid at yahoo.co.in
Fri Oct 30 23:49:30 MDT 2009

Dear All,

Yours help will be highly appreciated.

I am running WRF for mumbai case using two way nesting with three domain. 

Physics options for two way nesting I kept as

Domain 1: 
Mp_Physics               = WRF single momentum 6- class scheme
Long wave radition  = Rapid radiative transfer model scheme
Short wave radition = Dudhia Scheme
clay physics = MM5 similarity: Based on Monin-Obukhov with
Carslon-Boland viscous        sub-layer and standard similarity
Surface physics         = Noah Land Surface Model: Unified NCEP/NCAR/AFWA scheme with soil
temperature and moisture in four layers, fractional snow cover and frozen soil physics
PBL physics                = Yonsei University scheme
Cu_Physics                 =  no micro physics

Domain 2:

with same options as Domain 1

Domain 3 : 
same options domain 1 and 2 but cu_physics we will keep Grell-Devenyi ensemble scheme.

WRF run is successful But I am not getting exact Mumbai heavy rainfall. I am attaching figure for Domain 1, 2 and 3 along with namelist.input file. Please go though suggest what wrong is there.




(M. Sc, B. Ed., M. Tech., Ph. D.) 

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