[Wrf-users] metgrib error

Luis Del Castillo luis.delcastillo at cathalac.org
Fri Oct 16 11:02:22 MDT 2009

Hi fellow I was trying to adjust my gfs input file from 40MB to a smaller file  just choosing less variables. Then I run WPS - .ungrib.exe and the running was successfully but when I try to run metgrid.exe I got this error


[wrf at hostname:~/WRF/DOMAINS/MesoamericaCaribe/wpsprd]> ./metgrid.exe

Processing domain 1 of 2

 Processing 2009-10-16_06


 WRF_DEBUG: Warning DIM             4 , NAME num_metgrid_levels REDIFINED  by var GHT            11           12  in wrf_io.F90 line         2424

ERROR: Error in ext_pkg_write_field

[0] MPI Abort by user Aborting program !

[0] Aborting program!

p0_27114:  p4_error: : 0


and in the metgrid.log  is on the attachment 







Luis Alejandro Del Castillo R.
IT Support / Soporte TIC
Luis Tel: 507++317-3235 - CATHALAC Tel: 507++317-3200 - Fax: 507++317-3299
111 Ciudad del Saber, Clayton, Panamá
Apartado 0843-03102, Panamá
luis.delcastillo at cathalac.org - www.cathalac.org <http://www.cathalac.org/> 



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