[Wrf-users] Vtable error

Eric Altshuler ela at cola.iges.org
Thu Oct 15 15:54:12 MDT 2009

Dear Ulas Im,

You need to make a symbolic link to the desired Vtable in your WPS directory before running ungrib:

ln -s ungrib/Variable_Tables/Vtable.GFS Vtable

Also, g1print.exe reads grib files, not Vtables. Run g1print.exe like this:

g1print.exe <your_grib_file>

Best regards,

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I am trying to run WRF with fnl data. I use Vtable.GFS as the variable table but ungrib.exe crashes not finding the vtable, as fallowing 

*** Starting program ungrib.exe *** 

Start_date = 2007-12-25_00:00:00 , End_date = 2008-02-01_00:00:00 

output format is WPS 

Path to intermediate files is ./ 

ungrib - grib edition num 1 

***** ERROR in Subroutine PARSE_TABLE: 

Problem opening file Vtable. 

File ''Vtable'' does not exist. 

ERROR: ***** Stopping in Subroutine PARSE_TABLE 

On the other hand, when I try to look at the vtable with g1print.exe, I get the following error: 

Copen: File = Variable_Tables/Vtable.GFS 

Fortran Unit = 6948128 

UNIX File descriptor: 3 


rec GRIB GRIB Lvl Lvl Lvl Time Fcst 

Num Code name Code one two hour 


Error trying to read grib edition number in gribsize. 

Possible corrupt grib file. 

Incorrect edition number = 76 

Skipping the rest of the file and continuing. 

***** End-Of-File on C unit 3 

What might be the problem 

Thanks in advance 

Ulas Im, Dr 

Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory (ECPL) 

University of Crete, Department of Chemistry 

P.O. Box 2208 71003 VOUTES 



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