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claudio cortes ccortes at cenma.cl
Mon Sep 14 11:06:37 MDT 2009

Hi users ! (and sorry for the semi-off topic)

I'm meteorologist of the National Environment Center, Chile. In the
principal city of Chile (Santiago) and in another cities of the
country, the PM10 problem in winter and Tropospheric Ozone in Summer
is critical. Therefore, in winter, the goverment takes actions to
control the emissions and protect the people against the PM10,
depending of the meteorological and PM10 forecast made by us.

Now, we are in campaign of update our forecast system, and my work is
find another institutions who works with PM10 and Ozone forecast
systems and know how works, tools used, work way, monitoring systems,
models used and his accuracy. So, I need your help, if any of you
works in some institution dedicated to the forecast of particulate
matter and ozone, please answer me the next questions (and send me
additional info if you want)

1.- Institution name (organization, who depends, financing, etc.)
2.- Country
3.- Forecast zone (extension and number of monitoring stations)
4.- Number of people working in the forecast
5.- Official way to measure the air quality in your zone (pm10:
average of next 0 to 23 hours of tomorrow, pm10: max movable average
of 24 hours for tomorrow, pm10: average of 6AM of  tomorrow to 6AM of
past tomorow, etc... and ozone)
6.- Models used (linear regression, mos, neural networks,
physics-chemical models, etc.) and his accuracy (what model is
recommended by you?)
7.- Other institutions involved in the forecast and his role in this work
8.- The local goverment takes actions before critical events of
pollution ? (what kind of actions?)
9.- Long-term actions in your zone to reduce the pollution.
10.- Cost of implement your forecast system in another place (eg,
another country), including monitoring stations, equiments, etc.

The end of this study is recommend to the goverment improvements to
our forecast system (governed by law), improvements who involving
better accuracy and, therefore, more efficient protection to the

This info will be helpful for my study, and if you have any
complementary information just send me. I will share the results of
this study with the list.
Thanks for your help !

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Laboratorio de Meteorologia y Calidad de Aire
Centro Nacional del Medio Ambiente (CENMA)

Claudio Cortes
+56 (2) 2994121

Meteorology and Air Quality Labs
National Enviroment Center, Chile (CENMA)

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