[Wrf-users] Student Opportunity Announcements

Qingnong Xiao hsiao at ucar.edu
Sat Sep 12 09:46:17 MDT 2009

Multiple MSc/Ph.D Student Opportunities in Physical Oceanography

The Physical Oceanography group at the University of South
Florida, College of Marine Science has several positions
available for students seeking an MSc or Ph. D. Complete
support (tuition plus a graduate research assistantship) is
available. Our faculty investigate a variety of topics using the
latest technology. Computer models, real time data, satellite
remote sensing, and in situ data from moored arrays, coastal
and island tide gauges, and research cruises are used to study
a wide range of research problems, ranging from circulation
on the West Florida Shelf and in the Gulf of Mexico, air/sea
interactions, coupled modeling and data assimilation,
hurricane prediction, geophysical fluid dynamics and
turbulence, El Niño, and global climate change.

We invite interested applicants to browse the college web-site
for the particular research areas of our faculty
(http://www.marine.usf.edu/faculty/index.shtml) and contact
them directly for more information.

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