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Hello Amjad,

Real-time NCEP model forecast data is available at this server:


Only GFS data will be useful to you since NAM and RUC are regional models that only run over North America/USA; they do not cover your region of interest. GFS is a global model. You can get GFS data at 0.5 or 1.0 degree resolution, in GRIB2 format, and you can choose which fields to download and for what region you want data. Combining field selection with regional subsetting will significantly reduce the amount of data you have to download, compared to the size of the original global files that contain all of the output fields.

You can get archived (non-real time) NCEP model data going back a couple of years at:


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Dear WRF Users, 

Up till now, we just validate the model for our region (South Asia particularly Pakistan) like simulating the past extreme events and wind potential in coastal areas of Pakistan with different parametrization schemes. Now we want to test it as operational forecast model. I am not an expert in forecasting but still I want to give a try using WRF. Please let me know if I may get forecast data. If I am not wrong NCEP also made forecasts using the same model, but DSS did not collect them. Please let me know how I can get real-time forecast data as input for WRF, such as GFS, NAM, RUC, etc and procedure after that. 

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