[Wrf-users] passing external MPI_Comm to WRF

John Michalakes john at michalakes.us
Tue Aug 11 14:47:36 MDT 2009

It's been a little while since I tried this but it can be done.  Change the
PROGRAM declaration in main/wrf.F into a SUBROUTINE that takes an integer
communicator as a argument. Then, before you call anything else in that main
routine, call wrf_set_dm_communicator( communicator ), where communicator is
the argument.  Any WRF code that would try to initialize MPI (such as the
code in module_io_quilt.F) calls MPI_INITIALIZED first.  It will see that
it's already been initialized and leave it alone. This and other parts of
the WRF code will work with the passed-in communicator instead of

That's the theory, anyway.  Let me know if you run into trouble.


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> Hi,
> I wonder that is there anybody out there who try to pass external MPI
> communicator to WRF?
> I want to run WRF in a small set of processor that belongs to custom
> created MPI comm world and i want to use this created comm world to run
> WRF. I think that the main subroutine that can be used for this purpose
> is 'init_modules' and phase 1. Is it necessary to modify I/O quilt for
> this purpose?
> Anyway, please let me know, if my question is not clear.
> Thanks,
> --ufuk
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