[Wrf-users] dm+sm MPIRUN problems

Feng Liu fliu at mag.maricopa.gov
Tue Aug 11 13:13:00 MDT 2009

compile the WRFchemv3.1.1 with PGI with gcc (dm+sm). Then try to run the
wrf without chemistry (opt_chem=0) first at our Linux cluster (3 nodes
with 4 cores). real.exe ran on this cluster usefully. Then I ran wrf.exe
with "mpirun -np 12 ./wrf.exe". I do not know why the file size of
wrfout_d01, wrfout_d02, wrfout_d03 grew up to 4 times comparing against
the old ones with single processor run. And netCDF  visulation program
(e.g, VERDI) complained errors when read those larger wrfout files. It
is appreciated if some one share expertise to fix this problem. Thanks.
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