[Wrf-users] problems compiling wrf-var

Selin, Rebecca D CTR USAF AFWA 2 WXG/WEA Rebecca.Selin.Ctr at offutt.af.mil
Thu Jul 2 11:40:42 MDT 2009

Yes, sorry, I realized that just a little too late.  I sent a corrected
email to wrf-users, but it must not have made it through.  Here is my error
log, for the same situation.  The errors are all "identifier xxxx appeared
in a USE statement but is not publicly accessible from this module."

Unfortunately your website is blocked by my employer.  I have a feeling
these errors are caused by my specific compiler anyway.

Becky Adams Selin
UCAR Visiting Scientist
Air Force Weather Agency 2 WXG/WEA
COMM: (402) 294-5273  DSN: 271-5273

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Howdy, someone may have already pointed this out to you, but you might  
want to compile like

compile all_wrfvar > compile.log 2>&1

This would send error messages, in addition to success messages, to  
compile.log.  I won't get into the Unix geek theory behind it all :)

When you said you had no errors I sort of said to myself, "yeh, sure"  
but then when I looked at your log I saw that it looked just a little  
"too clean."  Then I saw that your error messages weren't being  
redirected to compile.log.

I have some compile notes at


where if you click on the midnight link, will take you to my WRFDA  
notes.  Of course, this isn't AIX, and it's version 3.1, but "maybe"  
there's something of interest in there...


Don Morton

On Jun 26, 2009, at 8:17 AM, Selin, Rebecca D CTR USAF AFWA 2 WXG/WEA  

> <compile.log>

Don Morton
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center

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