[Wrf-users] VEGPARM

Matei Georgescu mateig at stanford.edu
Wed May 27 14:28:17 MDT 2009

Greetings WRF Users,

I'm trying to overwrite certain vegetation characteristics (for
example, albedo) read in from VEGPARM.TBL over a portion of my domain
with my own values, for use in the latest version of WRF.

I'm using the NOAH LSM.

In module_sf_noahdrv.F, i inserted the following snippet:
        DO 99 I=ids,ide
          IF((XLAND(I,J)-1.5) < 0.) THEN

            IF (J>=36 .AND. J<=76 .AND. I>=58 .AND. I<=112 .AND. &
                (IVGTYP(I,J)==2 .OR. IVGTYP(I,J)==3 .OR. IVGTYP(I,J)==4))THEN
!               ALBEDO(I,J) = 0.16
                ALBBCK(I,J) = 0.16

        99 CONTINUE

Two questions from here. First, what's the difference between
"ALBEDO" and "ALBBCK"? I've seen others ask a similar question, but I
haven't seen an answer.

Second, when i run the model and then plot both ALBEDO and ALBBCK, neither
is changed, suggesting these values are perhaps over-written elsewhere
down the line with the *TBL values?

My task is simple enough but the placement of the code snippet is crucial
- can someone with more experience suggest where the code snippet can be
inserted to have the desired (ie maintain albedo through course of
simulation) effect?

thanks much,

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