[Wrf-users] WRFV3 installaion problem

Eric Altshuler ela at cola.iges.org
Mon Apr 6 13:52:00 MDT 2009

Hello Vijay,

The error messages in the log file indicate that you may have used gfortran/gcc to build netcdf. You need to use the same compilers (ifort/icc) to build netcdf as you are using to build WRF. If you have multiple netcdf builds (e.g. one built with ifort/icc and another built with gfortran/gcc) then your NETCDF environment variable is probably set to the gfortran/gcc build. Make sure you set NETCDF to point to the ifort/icc built version of netcdf.

Some helpful instructions on how to build netcdf using Intel compilers is at:


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I am installing WRFV3 in my work station. I am having ifort and icc
compiler. My work station is redhat linux. I have installed netcdf 3.6.3
version through ifort and icc.

Now i got some problem while installing WRFV3. I have attached the
configure.wrf file and log file also.

Thnak you

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