[Wrf-users] A small WRF-Var question: filename in obsproc namelist

Abdullah Kahraman havadurumu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 15:46:39 MDT 2009

I am trying to assimilate COSMIC GPS-RO data into WRF using WRF-Var.
Thinking plenty of AtmPrf and WetPrf files in a directory, how can I enter
the path of my GPS-RO files in "&record1" section of the namelist.3dvar_obs
file? "obs_gts_filename" seems to refer only one file. I take "No decoded
observation file to read." error when I execute 3dvar_obs.exe. (The AtmPrf &
WetPrf data are decoded already).

Thanks in advance,

Istanbul Technical University
Department of Meteorology
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