[Wrf-users] WRF-Var compilation error with intel compiler

Abdullah Kahraman havadurumu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 06:35:53 MST 2009


We are dealing with a problem with WRF-Var compilation with intel compiler
on a linux system (fedora core 8, 64bit). According to us, the problem is
wrong order in compilation script. Because, the Fortran source files that
have USE statement in them, which calls the modules are compiled prior to
the required modules. For example as you can see in the log output in the
attachment in line 639, while compiling da_par_util.f it requires
"module_domain" mod file, so that it should already have compiled into
object code. However module_domain.f file is compiled at line 5285 in the
log output. There are other people who had the same problem with Intel
compiler as in

How can we solve this problem? Although we are trying to figure out the code
dependencies in the whole WRF-VAR source code, this will take a considerable
time. We are looking forward for your solution.

Best wishes
Abdullah Kahraman, Seyda Tanriover, Deniz Ural

Istanbul Technical University
Department of Meteorology
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