[Stoch] AGU Session on Stochastic Weather and Climate Modeling

Cecile Penland Cecile.Penland at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 14 12:06:07 MDT 2011

Cécile Penland and Adam Monahan announce a session to be
held at the Fall 2011 Meeting of the American Geophysical
Union in San Francisco (5-9 December) entitled

"NG03 Current Issues in Stochastic Weather and Climate Modeling 

Description: The surge in research concerning stochastic weather and climate
modeling by the international geophysics community has led to new frontiers of
cooperation between scientists and applied mathematicians. Nevertheless, there
remains a gap in the understanding of available analysis tools by many geoscientists.
Similarly, many applied mathematicians are not familiar with the relevant practical
issues faced by geoscientists, or the level of expertise extant in the scientific community.
We invite members of both disciplines to help bridge these gaps with presentations
on stochastic applications to geophysical problems, as well as on stochastic numerical
techniques relevant to weather and climate modeling.

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