[ncl-talk] SYSTEMFUNC ; running AWK script within NCL script

Karin Meier-Fleischer meier-fleischer at dkrz.de
Thu Feb 15 03:31:55 MST 2018

Hi Geeta,

first, you should read the documentation of systemfunc which tells you 
that it is a function and returns the result of your system call. Have 
you ever tried to run the script? You mixed shell and NCL scripting 
language, so have a closer look at that, too.


Am 15.02.18 um 07:09 schrieb Geeta Geeta:
> Hi
> I have to run an awk script giving two different files as input to the 
> awk statement. Ie the input to awk script has to be fed dynamically.
> For this I am reading the files using ncl and using sytemfunc command.
> I have tried two ways (as shown in the lines 17 and 29 of my NCL 
> code). But none seems to work.
> I have sent the input files (untitled1 and 2), awkfile and my NCL script.
> Can someone provide me the clue of what is going wroug???
> Geeta.
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