[ncl-talk] CMC snow depth process

Bian Qingyun bianqy at tea.ac.cn
Thu Feb 8 03:25:48 MST 2018


Have anyone ever processed a year of Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) Daily Snow Depth Analysis Data, in ascii format, into netcdf using NCL? If you did, could you share your script with me?

I tried to process a day of CMC snow depth data and plot it using the following script which is similar to the script on NCL website http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Applications/nic_ims.shtml . But the coordinates of the snow depth was wrong in the plot.



nrows = 706
ncols = 706

cda = asciiread("cmc_analysis_ps_lat_long.txt",-1,"string")
llat = tofloat(str_get_field(cda(9:),3," "))
llon = tofloat(str_get_field(cda(9:),4," "))

lat = onedtond(llat,(/nrows,ncols/))
lon = onedtond(llon,(/nrows,ncols/))

dummy = asciiread("cmc_analysis_2003.txt",-1,"float")
data = onedtond(dummy(1:498436),(/nrows,ncols/))

fout = addfile("cmc_20030101_2.nc","c")
fout->sd = data


wks = gsn_open_wks("png","nic_cmc")     ; send graphics to PNG file

  res = True
  res at cnFillOn = True
  res at cnLinesOn = False
  res at cnLineLabelsOn = False
  res at cnFillMode = "rasterfill"
  res at cnMissingValFillColor = "gray"

  res at cnLevelSelectionMode = "explicitlevels"
  res at cnLevels = (/ 5,10,40,100,200 /)
  res at cnFillBackgroundColor = "gray"
  res at cnFillColors = (/"transparent", "blue", "darkgreen", "cyan", "white"/)
  res at lbLabelAlignment = "boxcenters"
  res at cnExplicitLabelBarLabelsOn = True
  res at cnLabelBarEndStyle = "excludeouterboxes"
  res at lbAutoManage = False
  res at lbLabelFontHeightF = 0.02

  res at gsnCenterString = "CMC 24k product"
  res at gsnCenterStringFontHeightF = 0.03
  res at gsnMaximize = True

  do i = 0, nrows - 1
   if (all(data(:,i) .eq. data at _FillValue)) then
   end if
  end do
  do j = 0, ncols - 1
   if (all(data(j,:) .eq. data at _FillValue)) then
   end if
  end do

 res at tfDoNDCOverlay = True
  res at cnMissingValFillColor = "white"
  res at mpCenterLonF = -80
  res at mpOutlineBoundarySets = "national"
  res at mpEllipticalBoundary = True
  res at mpPerimDrawOrder = "postdraw"
  res at gsnAddCyclic = False
  res at gsnPolar = "NH"

plot = gsn_csm_contour_map_polar(wks,data(j:ncols-j-1,i:nrows-i-1),res)


Thank you very much!

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