[ncl-talk] Time interpolation problem, annual to monthly

Hyacinth Nnamchi hyacinth.1 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 5 11:49:17 MST 2018

Hi NLCers,

I have an annual time series I want to re-interpolate to monthly values. I do this and get the correct size but everything is missing (and setting the @_FillValue and @missingvalue doesn't change result).

x  is an annual time series, 80 years

y is a monthly time series, 80 years (i.e. 80 x 12 months)

xNew   = linint1_n(x&time,x,False,y&time,0,0)

This new time series (xNew) contains all missing values (monthly, 80 years). Defining x&time and y&time outside the equation doesn't change the result.

Does anyone know why I'm having the wrong values?

Thanks in advance.


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