[ncl-talk] weight option for taylor_stats

Yohei Takano yohei.takano at mpimet.mpg.de
Fri Jul 28 09:44:15 MDT 2017

Dear NCL users,

  I am trying to use "taylor_stats" function to calculate pattern 
correlation, ratio, and bias.

  The two ocean data (test array and reference array) are both 
curve-linear grid and contains missing values for land. Reading the 
descriptions in NCL document, I think I need to apply spatial weights to 
the data so I prepared two-dimensional area data as a weight based on 
curve-linear grid information.

  Then I tried

$ tay_stats = taylor_stats(test,reference,area,0)
: again test, reference, and area are two dimensional curve-linear grid 

  but I have an error:
$ fatal:The result of the conditional expression yields a missing value. 
NCL can not determine branch, see ismissing function

  The function works when I try
$ tay_stats = taylor_stats(test,reference,1.0,0)
(for no weighting)

  so I am pretty sure it is about the weighting problem.
Are we not allowed to include missing values in "area" for taylor_stats 
option? Since this is an ocean data, the area also contains missing 
values for land so I was wondering how I can deal with this issue.

  I could not attach the sample data (since it was a bit too big for the 
mailing list so I canceled it) but I could share it in some other way if 

  If you could give me any suggestions, point out what I am missing or 
mistaking that will be great. Thank you for your help in advance.

Yohei Takano

Yohei Takano Ph.D
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Bundesstraße 53, Room 207
20146 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)40 41173 - 150
Email: yohei.takano at mpimet.mpg.de

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