[ncl-talk] problem with creating an rgb colormap

Cynthia Hays chays1 at unl.edu
Thu Jul 20 11:08:27 MDT 2017

Hi Rick,

I think  I just needed to send it to you to make me think differently.  I needed to change
res at cnLevels             = ispan(2,31,1)
res at lbLabelStrings       = ispan(1,31,1)


res at cnLevels             = ispan(2,33,1)
res at lbLabelStrings       = ispan(1,33,1)

I forgot about changing the number of colors in the colormap.  It seems to work fine now.



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Hi Cynthia,
I'm getting a NetCDF4 error on that wrffile, so I can't see the plots.  I see in your script you draw the merged colormap -- does it look correct to you?
I'll look into why I'm seeing an error.

On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 9:57 AM, Cynthia Hays <chays1 at unl.edu<mailto:chays1 at unl.edu>> wrote:

I’m trying to plot landuse  from a WRF file using my own defined colormap (landuse.rgb).    I’ve defined when water is the landuse that the color is blue  and urban should be red but I’m not getting those colors.  This is an old script that I had used successfully with a different landuse.rgb file for different WRF landuse categories  so I thought I could just edit the landuse.rgb file to reflect the new landuse categories and colors and it would work.  I’ve put the following files  landuse.rgb, domain_d01.ncl and wrfinput_d01 on the ftp site.   I am using ncl version 6.4.0 (I actually tried an older version that the script was first used in and I was getting the same color problems, so I don’t think it is a version problem).



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