[ncl-talk] Fwd: add maker on a contour figure

Jiaoyan Huang huangj1311 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 07:18:18 MDT 2017

Hi Rick and people at UCAR,

I've uploaded my data to ftp

2.0M Jul 11 15:37 GRIDCRO2D_2004335_D2025_36km
5.8M Jul 11 15:40 airc_bkgd.ACONC.2005.combine.yave
5.8M Jul 11 15:40 airc_sens_6.ACONC.2005.combine.yave

and attached my ncl script in the email.

I try adding a point to a contour figure

such as https://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Applications/Images/polyg_3_lg.png

the contour figure is OK, but the maker cannot be added. There is no ERROR
in log file.

Thank you

*寄件者:* Rick Brownrigg <brownrig at ucar.edu>
*寄件日期:* 2017年7月11日 下午 06:22
*收件者:* ncl-talk-owner; Huang, Jiaoyan
*主旨:* Re: ncl-talk post from huangj1311 at gmail.com requires approval


Your posting to the email list was rejected because the data file was too
large.  You might try posting it to the ftp site, and re-posting your

*You can ftp larger datasets and files to:*

ftp ftp.cgd.ucar.edu
<use your email address for the password>
cd incoming
put ...
put ...

Note that for security reasons, you cannot list the contents of this
directory, and neither can we. We need to know the *exact* names of the
files in order to retrieve them.
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