[ncl-talk] Will ESMF regridding work

Laura Fowler laura at ucar.edu
Thu Jul 6 12:25:59 MDT 2017


I was wondering if somebody could tell me if ESMF regridding has a
chance to work in my case:

I have a variable resolution global MPAS mesh with a 3km resolution
over CONUS. I also have a set of gridded observations, but only
located over Texas. I have the latitude and longitude of each
observation. What I want to do is to regrid the MPAS data located over
the same area as the observations (for instance, if I wanted to do a
difference plot) using the latitudes and longitudes for the

I am concerned that it will not work because the MPAS mesh is global
and I am not regridding to an other global mesh. Will it work?


Laura D. Fowler
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division (MMM)
National Center for Atmospheric Research
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