[ncl-talk] Break line and multplying a value

Guilherme Martins jgmsantos at gmail.com
Sun May 29 11:50:17 MDT 2016

Hi users,

How do I break a line in the NCL? I do not want the effect caused by the
"~C~" but want to break the line within the script. I have a limit to write
in that line.

For example, that line is very long in my script and I want to break the

res at tiMainString = "Anomalia de altura geopotencial em 500hPa -

I tryed to use the "\", but does not work.

Another issue I would like to understand why when we multiply any variable
by a constant, this variable loses its metadata? I searched but I did not
found anything.

Thank you.
Dr. Guilherme Martins
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