[ncl-talk] plot gc_latlon

Adam Herrington adam.herrington at stonybrook.edu
Sat May 28 23:07:48 MDT 2016

In regards to the only transect example (
https://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Applications/transect.shtml), is there any reason
we should doubht that the transect computed from gc_latlon:

  dist     = gc_latlon(leftlat,leftlon,rightlat,rightlon,npts,2)

is accurately depicted by:

  map = gsn_csm_map_ce(wks,mres)         ; create map


? I am not sure that gc_latlon and gsn_polyline (as portrayed on
gsn_csm_map_ce, e.g. a global gridded dataset) use the same procedure to
compute a transect, given identical input (rightlon, leftlon, etc...)

If the two procedures are not consistent, does anyone know a way to
(a) actually plot the transect from gc_latlon on a map (directly plot
variable 'trans', in the example?), or
(b) compute a transect the same way that gsn_polyline and gsn_csm_map_ce do.

Thanks in advance!

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