[ncl-talk] Fwd: Masking a U.S. county from a netcdf file

Mohammadhassan Mohegh mohegh at usc.edu
Thu Jul 31 17:09:35 MDT 2014


I'm working with WRF model output and I need to average the differences of
2 outputs within a county. Is there any way to do this? Are there
shapefiles or netcdf files available for US counties that NCL recognizes?

I have created a netcdf file containing these counties using ARCGIS. The
problem is that it does not have the same grid and I can't use the mask()
function with it. Does any one know of a

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mohammadhassan Mohegh, PhD student
Astani Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Southern California
3620 South Vermont Ave, KAP227
Los Angeles, CA
mohegh at usc.edu
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