[ncl-talk] yyyymmdd in month_to_annual_weighted?

lsmith at ucar.edu lsmith at ucar.edu
Thu Jul 31 10:25:01 MDT 2014

Hi gang,
I'm trying to use month_to_annual_weighted
and I need more info about what the first field in the function is  
supposed to be.
I created dates of the type YYYYMM for my data, but I'm getting the error:
fatal:Variable (yyyymmdd) is undefined
fatal:["Execute.c":8567]:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 9783  
in file $NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/contributed.ncl

Where does dd come into it?  The webpage doesn't say anything about days:
Do my dates need some particular metadata?
Or are they supposed to be of the form YYYYMMDD?
Thanks for any suggestions,
-Lesley L. Smith

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