[ncl-talk] ncl malloc: *** error for object

David Brown dbrown at ucar.edu
Fri Jul 25 11:07:46 MDT 2014

Hi Francesco,

This indicates a problem that we should take a look at. In order to
duplicate the problem here, it would be very helpful if you can send us the
script along with any data files required to run it. If it is a complicated
scenario, it would be helpful if you can simplify it as long as it still
demonstrates the problem, but this is not required. The "Report Bugs" page
tells you how to send us the files. Be sure to let me know the names of any
files you upload to the ftp site, because we cannot see the contents of the
"incoming" directory.

On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 4:27 AM, franz <f.trotta at sincem.unibo.it> wrote:

> Hi NCL users,
> I have a malloc problem in my code that I do not understand
> Today, at some point in my script I add the new variables
>     LeftStringC = new(2,string)
>     LevVal      = new(3,float)
>     LevVal_diff = new(3,float)
> but when I run the script I get this error:
> ncl(80783,0x7fff7983c310) malloc: *** error for object 0x7fd47c057208:
> incorrect checksum for freed object - object was probably modified after
> being freed.
> *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
> what does it means?
> Francesco
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